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Ghost Species publication day!

My new novel, Ghost Species, is published today in Australia. New books are always exciting, but this one is especially so, because it’s a book I’m really proud of. Set in Tasmania in the very near future, it centres on a secret project to resurrect Neanderthals, and it’s about extinction and de-extinction, loss and love, climate catastrophe and collapse. I think – I hope – some of the ideas in it will resonate, especially at present.

If you’d like to know more, you can check out I’ve written a piece for The Guardian about some of the questions and ideas that inspired the book, and if you’d like to hear a little bit of it, you can see me reading the first few pages as part of Read Tasmania’s Lockdown Reading Group below.

If you’re in Australia you can get copies from any good bricks and mortar bookshop, or check prices online. You can also get it from all major ebook vendors. If you’re outside Australia Book Depository should have copies available. I also highly recommend the audiobook, read by Rupert Degas, which is absolutely fantastic.

My thanks to everybody who helped this book become a reality. I hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. Graham Andrewartha #


    I loved your book, again.

    You have a magic way of rendering the psychology of people talking and relating that is so natural yet profound. How you keep the disaster of our destruction of the world in the background, with little whiffs of smoke to indicate its enormity is (like Clade) moving.

    Many lines grabbed me but I highlighted this one:

    “… the idea of her mother’s anger and concern pleases her, then almost immediately upsets her, and she leans forward to pedal harder, as if by so doing she can outride the feeling.”

    All the best James , and sincerely at this time of your mothers death. I miss her honesty lots.

    Kind Regards


    May 8, 2020
    • Thank you, Graham, that’s incredibly kind of you. Oddly enough I’ve been thinking about my mother’s insistence on seeing the world as it is quite a bit this week; that fearlessness and honesty was one of the things I admired most about her, and that I miss now. I’m glad other people are thinking about her as well. And I hope you’re well.

      May 8, 2020

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