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Ghost Species

Ghost Species Cover

When scientist Kate Larkin joins a secretive project to re-engineer the climate by resurrecting extinct species she becomes enmeshed in another, even more clandestine program to recreate our long-lost relatives, the Neanderthals. But when the first of the children, a girl called Eve, is born, Kate finds herself torn between her duties as a scientist and her urge to protect their time-lost creation.

Set against the backdrop of hastening climate catastrophe, Ghost Species is an exquisitely beautiful and deeply affecting exploration of connection and loss in an age of planetary trauma. For as Eve grows to adulthood she and Kate must face the question of who and what she is. Is she natural or artificial? Human or non-human? And perhaps most importantly, as civilisation unravels around them, is Eve the ghost species, or are we?

Praise for Ghost Species

“James Bradley is a writer of ideas and this prescient, thrillingly imaginative novel shows us what’s to become of humanity. Bradley’s most intimate book to date, Ghost Species asks hard, heartbreaking questions about the price of our separation from the natural world. Do we have the right to alter nature? What do we destroy when we seek to enhance it? And is it really possible to love another species as we do ourselves? An urgent, frighteningly timely novel about ethics, technology and love, Ghost Species made me think again and again of the poet Rilke’s command: You must change your life. ”
Charlotte Wood

Ghost Species is a remarkable novel from one of Australia’s most engaging writers. This is great storytelling, gripping the reader from the first pages to the final sentence. Ghost Species is the story of our shared experience within families, communities and the nation. It is not a story of the future, but a vital narrative of the times we live in. In a time of uncertainty and potential catastrophe, James Bradley has delivered a story vital to any understanding of how we choose to live with each other and the precious planet that provides us with life.”
Tony Birch

“At once haunted and haunting, this deeply moving book has the heft and power of myth or prophecy. It is a lament from the edge of a darkening world, giving voice to the grief and loss of this time and to the universal need for hope and love. Look, it says, look, and don’t look away. This is what we’re choosing.”
Lucy Treloar

Out May 2020 from Hamish Hamilton Australia. You can read a little more here.