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A Little Music for the Weekend …

Three things that have been on high rotation in my life lately. First up Mary Timony (formerly of Helium and Wild Flag)’s new band Ex Hex’s terrific debut, Rips, the second Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas’ similarly brilliant debut, Secret Evil. And finally The Felice Brothers’ light as air and completely delightful new album, Favourite Waitress. All fantastic, all very worth a few minutes of your valuable time.

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  1. Will have to investigate Jessica Hernandez, James. Both I and the friend to whom I recommended your recommendation have been enjoying The Last Internationale this year. Thanks for that tip

    January 25, 2015
    • She’s the real deal. I only bought the album at Christmas time, so I hadn’t heard it when I did those favorite music posts, but if I’d had it earlier she would definitely have been on it. Loving the new JTE, Decemberists and Belle and Sebastian as well.

      January 25, 2015

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