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A Little Music for the Weekend …

Three things that have been on high rotation in my life lately. First up Mary Timony (formerly of Helium and Wild Flag)’s new band Ex Hex’s terrific debut, Rips, the second Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas’ similarly brilliant debut, Secret Evil. And finally The Felice Brothers’ light as air and completely delightful new album, Favourite Waitress. All fantastic, all very worth a few minutes of your valuable time.

Bang Bang Bang went Frankie’s Gun

I’ve come a little late to the whole Felice Brothers thing, and, if the standard line is correct, I’m only getting half the story because I haven’t seen them live, but one thing’s for sure, and that’s that these guys are something special. I picked up their self-titled debut album last Monday, and after playing it almost non-stop ever since, I still can’t stop listening to it. They might wear their influences on their sleeves (and lead singer Ian Felice sounds almost eerily like Bob Dylan) but there’s nothing derivative about their crazy, joyous, rackety energy, or the sense of history lurking in the songs. Their myspace page makes a crack about their music sounding like a barn smells, and they’re right  – it’s fantastic stuff.

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