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The Marine Quarterly reviews The Penguin Book of the Ocean

In amongst accounts of sailing the Falklands and advice on how to swim the English Channel, the Summer issue of the (rather fabulous) Marine Quarterly has a short review of The Penguin Book of the Ocean:

“It may be hard to get hold of the Penguin Book of the Ocean, edited by James Bradley, because it is published by Penguin Australia, and there are no plans to publish it in Britain. Goodness knows why. Many seagoing miscellanies are litanies of shipwreck and disaster. While I appreciate that a seagoing miscellany without shipwreck is like bread without salt, there are other aspects that should be considered. Bradley has done just that. He has reintroduced Rachel Carson’s marvellous The Sea Around Us, and unearthed passages of Thoreau, Hakluyt, Darwin, Steinbeck and Jonathan Raban, to name but a few, mingling them with plenty of very good poetry and a spot of surfing. As well as being a good read in its own right, this is a sampler for anyone looking for the foundations of a library of sea reading.”

Obviously you all own multiple copies of the book already, but with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday week, surely now’s the moment to buy another

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