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When Genres Attack Part 2

As I mentioned the other day, last Friday night I was part of a special event about genre at Shearer’s Bookshop in Leichhardt along with Sophie Hamley, P.M. Newton and Kirsten Tranter. Given my ongoing interest in the question it was a fascinating to hear Kirsten and Pam’s views on the subject, as well as to hear a bit from the very warm, engaged and surprisingly large audience (who I would have liked to have heard more from if we hadn’t run out of time).

A couple of people live-tweeted the event under the hashtag #genrecagefight, but there have also been interesting blogposts about the event by Zena Shapter, Dwight Towers, Kylie Mason and Mark from Shearer’s itself. If you’ve got a moment do check them out.

This might also be a good moment to flag that once my edits on the new novel are done (oh, bright, blessed day) I’m planning on launching a new blog alongside this one, aimed at exploring SF and the classics of SF. It’s probably still a few months off, but I’ll let you know more once I’m a bit less overwhelmed by work.

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