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Vampires, killing and a new online magazine

0,,6696106,00I didn’t get a chance to post at the time because I was away (which is also the explanation for my extended silence) but for those who are interested the new issue of The Australian Literary Review was published last Wednesday. As usual some of the highlights are available online, but given the discussion on this site a few weeks back about good and bad reviewing I’d particularly recommend Delia Falconer’s searching review of Jeff Sparrow’s new book, Killing: Misadventures in Violence, a piece which provides an extremely lucid example of the capacity of really good criticism to be both highly critical and highly engaged. I’m not sure it’s exactly the review Jeff would have wanted, but as a reader it makes me even more curious to read the book (anyone interested in another perspective might want to check out this interview with Jeff, or buy a copy from Readings).

Other highlights include Ronald A. Sharp’s essay about Alex Miller, the always-interesting George Megalogenis on The Slap, and Geordie Williamson’s thoughts about the ereader and its implications for literary culture.

The issue also contains my piece about vampires and vampire literature, a piece which grew out of a post I made months back about the discovery of a “vampire” in a mass grave in Venice earlier this year. I’ll let you read the piece for yourselves, but I will say it was one of those pieces where I went in with one view about the subject under discussion and came out with another entirely.

And, for anyone looking for yet more reading, I’d very much recommending checking out The Group. The brainchild of Larry Buttrose, The Group is a new online magazine which brings together the best writing from around the world. Curated by Larry, John Birmingham, Mark Mordue, Billy Marshall Stoneking and myself, each of  its monthly issues will feature a different guest editor, and will reflect their interests and ideas. Issue 1 is out now; you can subscribe via RSS or you can join on Facebook, which will allow you to receive information about upcoming issues etc.

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