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Time travel


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  1. Jacqui Forster #

    Okay..I will comment here! Will anyone be there to see if he arrives?

    March 5, 2009
  2. Adster #

    OK now please explain how ‘Lost’ is handling time travel for people who’ve only watched two episodes this season. Are there multiple overlapping timestreams (can a character meet themselves?) Last night it was 1974… aaargh.

    March 6, 2009
  3. john malone #

    I look forward to the further adventures of craig

    March 7, 2009
  4. The mysterious Craig who apparently hails from (or in, however it is that one ‘hails’) Windsor, Victoria has a whole series of posters:

    But only one involves time travel. What does that tell us? Don’t most time-travellers show up more than once? (eg, the Delorean above).

    plus the half-man, half-fly thing was not about time-travel

    March 7, 2009
  5. My two favourite parallel universe/time travel moments are still both in issues of Animal Man. The first is when the Animal Man from the future comes back to warn his past self that his family will be murdered on a particular date, but because he can’t do more than appear as a ghost in the past discovers he cannot make them understand what’s going to happen (and that he is in fact the ghost who appeared to himself a year before in an earlier issue). The other is the scene in which after managing to undo his family’s murder Animal Man sits down to breakfast with his wife (who now smokes, which is already creeping him out) and notices the item in the newspaper about Marvin Gaye’s comeback tour, at which point he realizes something is subtly, but deeply wrong.

    And Adam – I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    March 7, 2009
  6. And thanks for the link to Craig’s posters – they’re fab.

    March 7, 2009

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