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The Hobbit

The trailer for The Hobbit has been released …

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  1. Hmm. I always greatly preferred The Hobbit (book) to the Lord of the Rings (book). It just seems more fresh, and fun.

    I’m not sure what Jackson is going to do here – whether he just wants to provide a prequel to LOTR, or whether he wants to approach The Hobbit on its own terms. The twee introduction of the dwarfs and the campy costumes suggests the latter, though I don’t think Jackson would be able to pull that off.

    The LOTR rings movies almost redeemed the books for me; it looks a bit like The Hobbit movie could ruin the book for me! (Not quite, I don’t think he could do that. But I’m just not sure why Jackson wants to repeat his success. I suspect his motives.)

    December 21, 2011

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