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Borders, REDgroup and Parallel Importation Take 2

Just a quick note to apologise to anybody who’s been caught out by the antics of yesterday’s post about the collapse of Borders. After I posted it I discovered the system had somehow posted an unedited version of the text. Because I was out of the house I was reduced to trying to fix it on my phone, which made the formatting go berserk.
Deciding it wasn’t a problem I could fix sitting on a train, I trashed the post, intending to repair the problem later in the day, but in the end I didn’t get back to it until today, and at this point the prospect of manually repairing the formatting feels like more than I can face.
So, apologies to anybody who’s had the damn thing pop up in their RSS and then disappear. If I get really excited I might fix it tomorrow, but I suspect my energy for the question may have already dissipated.

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  1. It is maddening when an unedited and unfinished piece gets posted via god-knows what gremlins in the system. So I sympathise – it’s happened to me!

    February 20, 2011
  2. Sadly I posted it, it’s just the system somehow substituted an earlier version without me noticing. And then the stupid WordPress app on my phone did something to the formatting. But yes, maddening!

    February 20, 2011

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