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Emerging Writers’ Festival

Just a quick note to say I’m speaking this Sunday at the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Sydney. I’m sure the EWF, which brings together new writers and more established literary professionals (their term, not mine!) will be familiar to many of you already, whether by virtue of their program of online events, their various Melbourne-based events at the Wheeler Centre or their Reader, but Sunday’s event, which is presented in conjunction with the NSW Writers’ Centre, this will be the first time the EWF, which brings together new writers and literary professionals (their term, not mine!), has had a Sydney presence. I’m speaking about writing for Australian and international markets at 12:00pm with Leah Greengarten and Tim Sinclair, but you can check out the full program, which also features P.M. Newton, Emily Maguire, Kathryn Heyman, Sam Twyford-Moore and Mark Mordue on the NSW Writers Centre website. You can also follow EWF on Twitter for updates about future events, online and off.

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