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From the sublime to the ridiculous . . .

Sometimes the juxtapositions the web throws up are just too good to be true, and these two galleries, which I stumbled upon within minutes of each other a couple of days ago, are a case in point. The first is a selection of photos from Translocations, a new book by UK-based photographer, George Logan, which place wild Asian and African animals in the British countryside. The effect is both beautiful and oddly unsettling, rather like the images of escaped lions prowling through ruined London or jackals on the streets of New York City one often comes across in post-apocalyptic fiction. You can check out a selection of the photos at Smashing Pics, or on Logan’s website. Copies of the book are available from Logan’s website as well. Proceeds from the project go to the Born Free Foundation.

And then there’s Awkward Family Pets, the new project from the geniuses (genii?) behind the toe-curling Awkward Family Photos (if you’ve never been, you must). I’m not going to try and preempt the horrors that wait there, but let me just say you won’t be the same afterwards.

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