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The Divine Miss Lewis

It’s been a while since I posted anything by the entirely fabulous Jenny Lewis, so since I’ve just stumbled across this rather nice live version of my favourite track off her last album, Acid Tongue, I thought it couldn’t hurt to share it. And despite spending half an hour trawling for information about new material, I couldn’t find any. Does anybody out there know if there’s a new album on the horizon?

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  1. Helen Branton #

    This is the first I have heard of the Divine Miss Lewis, and as it is the most recent post I start here, although I am already distracted of teenage memories of the Divine Miss M.

    This is probably the second comment I have left on any site and it is due the quality of the posts that I write at all. I stumbled onto this site after reading a light novel titled, ‘Love Walked’ as the author appears to teache writing at an American University. After finishing it I realised I wished it had had an Alice Hoffman ending. (For want of a better description, a resolution that resonates in my body and bones.) I realised I have never looked on Ms Hoffman’s website and after some time there found recent articles, blogs and links to her recent twitter which led me to this site. An Australian author writing……..

    So I have ordered your books from the local library and just keep coming back reading through the posts, on the sparkle biters, Battlestar, Avatar, Annie Proulx, and depression and more. There is always at least one paragraph that gives me pause.

    I find that the internet is a daunting place, the whole presentation of self in a brave new world, and with so much opinion out there I am wary of forwarding any point of view and I find I just weave or surf. For example today had an odd dream which included Bridget Bardot and Simone de Beauvoir, no dream interpretation but a book by de B on BB, and back to adding to my library holds. Who has this much time to meander these pathways, obviously I think I do.

    Then I found myself back at City of Tongues reading about Avatar and pausing, being able to place in a cultural context on many levels. Articulate, interesting bringing together of ideas and themes. Real food for thought. Suddnely, the internet is no longer random. Forgive the analogy, but here are posts cooked up in a form I can take in. I feel have found slow cooking in a myriad of fast food chains.

    (Thoughts are now vering off, again, this time on Joesph Campbell and analogies and metaphors on the the ground.)

    Anyhow, music and books are the glue that keeps my small family bound, so Ms Lewis will be searched out once my sixteen year old is up.

    Finally, thank you! I have had a wonderful few days begining to read through your posts.

    January 20, 2010
    • Thank you for those incredibly generous comments – I’m delighted you like this site so much, and I only hope the books measure up.

      January 21, 2010
      • Helen Branton #

        The local library service being what it is I picked up two of the books and one on Wrack on CD. On coming home I found that the copy of Wrack I have is from the Dandenong Library and in Polish. A mystery to me, perhaps there is an explaination I am not aware of. Anyway I look forward to reading it in English.

        January 23, 2010
  2. jane #

    Yes James, thanks for the divine Miss Lewis. Now you’re talking (music wise we’re bonding over miss divine).
    And Helen – I love your comments and your analogy, City of Tongues is slow cooking in fast food world. How perfectly apt. I have no doubt you’ll find James’s books just the same, deeply thoughtful, beautifully written, provocative and original. And many other things too.

    January 22, 2010

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