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Productivity Commission Report on Parallel Importation released

The intertubes are alive with the news that the Productivity Commission has released the discussion draft of its report into easing the restrictions on the Parallel importation of books into Australia. Pleasingly, despite the push by Dymocks and Bob Carr, the draft largely supports the view advanced by many authors, the Australian Society of Authors, the Australian Booksellers Association and the Australian Publishers Association, in recommending the current regime be retained, with the possible exception of an easing of the restrictions after a book has been on the market for more than twelve months. I posted about this a while back, but you can now read the report here, Stephen Romei has a good precis of its contents on A Pair of Ragged Claws, and Tim Coronel from Australian Bookseller and Publisher has been bookmarking relevant articles on Delicious as they appear. I assume Henry Rosenbloom will be posting about it in due course as well, so perhaps keep an eye out there as well.

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