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Vale, John Updike

John Updike, Prize-Winning Writer, Dead at Age 76

Update: Crikey! have saved me the effort of assembling a compendium of links to obits and tributes to Updike by putting together a rather splendid one of their own at Vale John Updike: A Crikey Compendium (nifty title, no?).

And while I was always a slightly ambivalent admirer of Updike, it seems a terrible loss, not least because he was so incredibly productive right up until the end. I’m also slightly thrown by the fact that I was reading James Wolcott’s piece in the London Review of Books about his continued vitality only last night.


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  1. the loss of John Updike makes me wonder if the literary world is being replenished at the same rate that it’s losing such great writers

    January 30, 2009

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