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Welcome to my new website, City of Tongues.

As you’ll see if you poke around, I’ve assembled a fair bit of information about my novels, and I will, over time, begin to assemble some links to whatever of my work is available online (since the big media corporations buy up electronic rights for a pittance there’s less of it than you’d think). But this site isn’t about promoting my books, or about advertising my work as a reviewer and non-fiction writer. Instead I want to use it to explore ideas and ways of writing that don’t fit easily into the fairly confined framework of the print media.

I’ll be interested myself to see how often I manage to post here. I already know a lot of what I’ll be doing is posting links to things that interest (or amuse) me. But I’ll also be posting some original writing, as well as links to work of mine appearing elsewhere and information about appearances or other book-related events. I’ll try and exercise some editorial control, but not too much, since I want this site to feel capacious, and omnivorous, but basically what I’ll be doing is riffing on the things that interest me, and seeing where that leads. If that sounds good to you I’d be delighted to have you along for the ride.


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