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Queen of the Minor Key

Ah, Eilen …

Eilen Jewell’s Sea of Tears

Apologies for how quiet it’s been round here: I’ve been caught in a nightmarish vortex of work and sick children, which has rather overwhelmed everything else (not least because I’ve been desperately trying to carve out time to get this bloody novel finished as well). I’m really, really hoping I’ll be getting a few things up over the next week or so, but in the meantime, I thought I’d give one of my most recent musical discoveries a spin.

The artist in question is the amazing Eilen Jewell, who I found via a recommendation from Tim Dunlop. I’ve only really heard her most recent album, Sea of Tears, but it’s a corker. At first blush you hear the electric folk sound of the Dylan era, but there’s nothing retro about Jewell’s voice, or the intelligence and feeling of the music. I know Tim’s a big fan of the closing track, ‘Codeine Arms’, which is indeed brilliant, but I think there are several tracks on the album which give it a run for its money, in particular the title track and the opener, ‘Rain Roll In’. All of which is a long-winded way of saying it’s a brilliant album, and Jewell’s something pretty damn special.

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