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A sneak peek of Matt Smith as the Doctor

I’m just interrupting my desperate race to the end of a first draft imposed silence to let you know a trailer featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor has found its way onto the internet. I think David Tennant is going to be a hard act to follow (though after the truly ridiculous first part of ‘The End of Time’ I’m not sure the end of Russell T. Davies’ reign is necessarily such a bad thing) but any episode which features the Doctor hitting a Dalek with a sledgehammer has to be worth a look.

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  1. Maddie #

    I’m afraid the second part of ‘The End Of Time’ isn’t much better… I’m sad to see David Tennant go too, but if it means Steven Moffat writing the show there’s an upside. Matt Smith looks quite good, although I do wish bow ties would cease to be satorial shorthand for ‘eccentric Englishman’.

    Thanks for posting!

    January 5, 2010

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