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Art criticism done right


I’m planning to be back on deck later today (or just possibly tomorrow) but in the meantime I have to thank my friend Dionne for alerting me to Regretsy, absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen on (or off, for that matter) line in a long while. It trawls handicraft site, Etsy, for masterpieces of naive and not-so-naive art in order to offer its own unique perspective on the items for sale. It’s vindictive, cruel, totally unfair and out-and-out hilarious.

I know, I’m cheap, but I laughed so much I cried (then again I’m the sort of crypto-philistine who got the giggles over this).

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  1. If you like that, you’ll also enjoy:


    October 11, 2009
  2. I do indeed. I’ve got a link somewhere to a gay porn/interior decoration blog which falls into the same category, but I’m not sure I want to send anybody there without serious parental advisory warnings.

    October 11, 2009

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