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2011 and all that

Wayne Levin, 'Circling Akule', © Wayne Levin (click to embiggen)

Despite having given myself an open-ended holiday from the site I think there’s no denying that even in the Antipodes the summer is over once Australia Day has passed. To which end I’m getting back on the blogging horse. I suspect things will stay a little bit slow around here for the next week or so (my daughter doesn’t go back to school for another week and a half) but I’m still aiming to get a few things up in the not too distant future.

That said, 2011 is looking like a big year for me in general. Unfortunately it looks like my new novel, Black Friday, may now not be on shelves until early 2012, but I’m about to launch into editing it, and once that’s done I’ve got two more books I’m hoping to knock over reasonably rapidly, which will make for a busy year.

Elsewhere, The Penguin Book of the Ocean has been going gangbusters, with one reprint already under its belt, and a brace of very, very positive reviews. I’ll pull together some links for those soon, and if I can find it links to the interviews I’ve been doing about it over the break, but in the meantime if you’d like to buy a copy you can check prices on Booko.

Some other bits and pieces that might be of interest. First of all, I’m planning to post something about it soon, but in the meantime you might want to check out Wayne Levin’s stunning new book, Akule. Anyone who’s seen a copy of The Penguin Book of the Ocean, or read some of my previous posts about Wayne and his work will have a sense of how extraordinary his work is, but if not check out the sample pages and if you get a chance, order a copy: it’s wonderful, and like all of Wayne’s books comes with a terrific essay by another of the writers featured in The Penguin Book of the Ocean, Tom Farber.

To continue with The Penguin Book of the Ocean theme, Kevin Hart, whose pulsing, luminous poem, ‘Facing the Pacific at Night’ also appears in the collection has a new book, Morning Knowledge on the way as well. It’s not out for another week or so but it’s already possible to pre-order copies.

And finally, since I’m about to go and tidy up a long piece I’ve written about ghosts and ghost stories, you might want to check out my review of Peter Ackroyd’s The English Ghost: Spectres Through Time, which appeared in The Australian a couple of weeks ago.

I hope you’re all well, and have survived the summer, particularly if, like many Australians, you or your family have been caught up in the flooding and fires of recent weeks. And however it began, I hope 2011 is a great year for all of you.

A message from the other side

My apologies if it’s have been a bit quiet around here of late: I’ve spent the past few weeks desperately trying to get the new draft of my novel done and in the week since I actually did stagger over the finish line I’ve been under the weather with some kind of bug.

The upside of all this is that the new draft of my next novel, Black Friday, is finally, actually done. It’s still not perfect, and there are definitely some gaps and problems, but I think a lot of the heavy lifting is now done, which is really exciting. I want to try and talk a bit more about it and the process of writing it over the next few months, but for now let me just say that I think it’s got some great stuff in it, and while it’s more in the mode of The Resurrectionist than my earlier novels, it’s also sharper and more contemporary, which is exciting (though I also have to say I think I’ve written my last dark, disordered novel about morally unanchored characters for a while).

The downside (and let’s face it, there’s always something) is that I managed to miss posting about the publication of The Penguin Book of the Ocean, which hit shelves last Monday. I’m going to get a few things up about it over the next week or two, but in the meantime you can check prices at Booko, or read a bit more about the collection on the Books page. I’ve also uploaded a full list of the works included in case you’d like to take a look. It’s a book that’s been a big part of my life for the last twelve months and I’m very proud of it, so I really hope others find the same pleasure and excitement reading it I had putting it together.

I’m doing various bits of media over the next few weeks, which I’ll link to as they happen, but if you’re dying to hear me talk about the collection I’ll be on The Book Show on Radio National next Friday, November 5, at 10:00am. In the meantime, as Molly Meldrum used to say, do yourself a favour.

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